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Machine Embroidery Startup

Posted by Tiffany Adams on

Machine Embroidery Startup

Let's Get Started!

You just saw the trending in the hoop projects and want to dive in; the biggest question now is "Where do you start?  When I first joined the embroidery world I jumped straight in and there were many trials and MORE errors. I want your experience to be great so I put together a list to help get you started without so many products to test.  

Startup Recommendations:

Thread Brand: Metro Embroidery Thread
Bobbins: Prewound 
Stabilizer: Medium Weight tear away and Water-soluble stabilizer 
Needles: Organ 75/11
Scissors: Gingher Applique Scissors and a pair to cut out projects 
Snaps: Kam Snaps long prong size T5
Press: I recommend starting with the handheld. 
Hardware: New Moon Stitches and Amazon 
Embroidery Vinyl: Mypunkbroidery, Mikri World, Hudson Textiles


If you have any questions or recommendations on an item that should be added to the list please email us at

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